Bvc Policies

Bay View College is a community of students, staff and faculty dedicated to learning and excellence. Every member of the College makes a commitment to strive for personal and academic integrity; to treat others with dignity and respect; to the rights and property of others; to take responsibility for individual and group actions and to act as a responsible citizen in a free academic community and in the larger society.

Any students conduct, on or off campus, of individuals or groups, that threatens or violates this commitment may become a matter for action within the College’s system of student discipline. The Bay View College student handbook available upon enrollment is the official statement of College policies and regulations, and expected standards of student conduct that are applicable to all A Level students. Academic units and administrative offices may have additional policies and guidelines that may provide more detailed information. The primary purpose of policies and regulations, and the articulation of expected standards of student conduct, is to further the mission of the College and to protect the well-being of the community.

These policies and regulations enable all the members of the College to function as a community and respond to situations that threaten or violate that community. The College’s policies and regulations provide a broad framework that is designed to create a level of consistency across the College yet also accommodate local cultures. The College may create new policies and procedures and modify existing ones to address new issues and questions, and to reflect the evolution of our community and the larger society within which our community exists.