Campus Life

Being a Bayviewite means graduating with solid academic achievement, commitment to give back to the community, unforgettable memories and lasting friendships.Being a Bayviewite means carrying the Bay View Spirit wherever you go with the confidence that you will achieve your goals while making a difference and a distinct contribution.

Bay View College provides participation and leadership opportunities to students at all levels. These opportunities are first and foremost important for personal and social growth. To the outside world (including university admissions officers) they demonstrate initiative, creativity, social skills, and determination.

Leadership Opportunities

The Student Council

Bay View College's Student Council is at the heart of the school's activities. It is Appointed once a year. A1 and A2 students consider it a privilege and an honour to be appointed a Council member. Assists in the administration and operation of various school matters and events. Provides feedback, advice and presents the students’ views. It is however a demanding position, requiring leadership, organisational and role-model qualities. The school requires the following from its Student Council members:

  • A strong academic record;
  • Strong interpersonal skills, particularly in relation to juniors and peers;
  • A sense of integrity and respect;
  • A commitment to and belief in the school rules and codes,punctuality and orderly behavior;
  •  A belief that this is “my school” and “my behavior” must do proud
  • The ability to take initiative and lead;
  • The ability to act as a “role model” for other students; and the ability to convince and correct without offending.
House Captains Buildup House spirit and provide leadership to House teams for sports and non-sporting events.
Heads of Societies and Clubs Responsible for the smooth running of the school's societies and clubs. Plan and organize activities and events.
Sports Team Captains  Organise and lead their teams through practice and at sporting events.
Core Committees Students participate in three committees: Everlasting Spirit, Yearbook Editorial Team, Social Events.