Fundraising and Charitable Donations


Bay View College believes in instilling in its students a realization and an appreciation of how charitable acts can uplift communities and services.The Everlasting Spirit initiative came into being in 2006, after the disastrous earthquake of 2005. This initiative has worked tirelessly, driven by the immense energy and spirit of caring and generosity demonstrated by students, their parents and supportive individuals and organizations. Over the years Funds have been raised and distributed to provide relief to people affected by earthquakes, floods, drought and extreme poverty and deprivation Everlasting Spirit Charity Donations have been raised through Rock Concerts, Carnivals, Drama Evenings etc. drawing upon the talent and enterprise of Bay View College students.

A sampling of some funds raised and donated is presented below:

  • Rs. 300,000, donated to the Tsunami Relief Funds of the Philippines and Indonesian consulates in 2004.
  • Continuous support for The Marie Adelaide Leprosy Centre since 2006, with over 9 million rupees having been donated so far, alongside the sponsorship of a 10-bed female ward at the Karachi hospital.
  • Over Rs. 200,000 worth of medical supplies donated to the Bela District Hospital in Baluchistan in 2009.
  • Internally Displaced Persons were supplied with Rs.300,000 worth of food rations, medicines, clothes and tents through the Pakistan Army in 2008-2009
  • The devastating floods of 2010 caused students to collect and donate relief goods to a village near Rahim Yar Khan in South Punjab, and in Badin, through the good offices of the Pakistan Navy.
  • Students of the Everlasting Spirit decided to sponsor a 5-room school in Aliabad village, rebuilt by the Pakistan Navy.
  • Over Rs. 300,000 worth of tents, blankets and food supplies were sent to earthquake survivors in Awaran in 2013, and the amount was generated through the unrelenting efforts of members of the Everlasting Spirit and other students.
  • We feel our pride and faith in the Everlasting Spirit initiative is justified many times over and we expect to see it work with renewed energy and vigour every year
Earthquake Victims 2013


We strongly request our students, their parents, faculty and any other member of the global community to donate towards this cause. To make a contribution, please contact us at +922135879411-12-13, or email us at

10 Million Rupees Donation!
Everlasting Spirit Charity Donations exceed 10 million Rupees

Formed in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake of October 2005 by the students of Bay View High School, the Everlasting Spirit Community Service Society helped rebuild two medical units of Marie Adelaide Leprosy Center in Kashmir. That was in 2006! Since then we have continued to provide financial assistance to run these medical units known as Bay View College – MALC Hospitals. In the next five years of our association with MALC, the students of Bay View, through various fund raising events, have generated and donated Rs. 7.5 Million rupees. This amount includes cash donations and specialized medical instruments needed for the treatment of eye diseases. During the summer, the students also complete internships at the MALC Hospital in Karachi. In 2010 we sponsored a 10 bed female ward at the hospital in Karachi, and on 30th April 2012 we donated another 1.5 million raised from our Bi-Annual Carnival in February 2012, bringing the grand total charity donations to 9.0 Million rupees. In addition to donating to MALC in 2008 and 2009, the Everlasting Spirit also provided Rs. 200,000 worth of medical supplies to Bela District Hospital, Balochistan. Also in 2008-9, after the Pakistan Army action against the Taliban strongholds in the Swat Valley of Pakistan, the Everlasting Spirit helped the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs). Food rations, medicines, clothes and tents worth Rs. 300,000 were donated towards the cause. All this has been achieved through the generous support of students, teachers, parents and friends of Everlasting Spirit. Perhaps the most important factor in this achievement is the commitment and enthusiasm of our students, who, with very limited means, but with phenomenal energy have worked tirelessly whenever they have been called upon. We can truly say that we are very proud of our students! The summer of 2010 will be remembered for the massive floods that ravaged vast regions of Pakistan. Everlasting Spirit played a very active role in the relief efforts. From the initial response of sending food rations, tents, medicines and other relief goods to a village near Rahim Yar Khan in South Punjab, Everlasting Spirit focused on efforts in Sindh. As a first step, Pakistan Navy was contacted for logistical support to help in the delivery of goods and services. A relief camp called "Ali-abad" was selected and two trucks of relief goods were delivered. This time, the students also went and distributed the items directly to the most affected. A similar visit was made to another camp (Al-Har) near Badin, where again students distributed the goods. The collaboration with Pakistan Navy took a new dimension when Bay View High School (Everlasting Spirit) decided to sponsor a 5 room school at the Ali-abad village which the Navy has rebuilt. The students went back to the camp and even helped paint the school building. In total, Everlasting Spirit donated Rs. 1.5 Million towards the flood relief effort. Of great significance this time was the support our efforts got from friends of Everlasting Spirit living abroad. We received donations from Scotland, England, USA, UAE and Sultanate of Oman, lending Everlasting Spirit even greater credibility and recognition. In March 2011 we raised an additional Rs. 80,000 from our highly successful Drama Evening, in February 2012 our Carnival raised 1.5 million. Therefore, since its inception in 2006, Rs. 10 Million have been raised and donated to people who have needed help, justifying our pride in Everlasting Spirit