Mentoring and Counselling



The College’s Academic Counseling programme is an integral part of the learning experience at Bay View College. Each and every student and their parents are required to meet with their assigned Academic Counselors as and when required. The Counselors, in conjunction with the students, parents and teachers develop an Academic Counseling Programme tailored to the academic requirements, strengths and weaknesses of each student. The Academic Counselors monitor a student’s academic performance and provide timely feedback to the parents. Decisions about addition subjects, involvement in extra-curricular activities and change in subjects, class attendance and restriction for CIE registrations are discussed in these counseling sessions.


A robust and comprehensive college counseling system helps students with placement into universities and choosing the right career path. Our team of experienced counselors guides the students through one-on-one as well as group meetings. Students are encouraged to proactively think of possible future university and career prospects in their A1 year. Our library contains the latest guidance material and university brochures. Representatives from local and international educational institutes visit the College to meet students and discuss their options.


Our internationally qualified, dedicated team of Personal Guidance Counselors meets the students in a confidential setting. An ongoing dialogue is created with each student for the entire duration of their stay at the College. Meetings are held with parents and concerned teachers as and when required. This process supports students during stressful times and ensures that their stay at the College helps them reach their full potential.