Programme of Studies1



Bay View College’s A Level programme of studies is a one-of-a-kind in Karachi. Students benefit from a carefully planned curriculum that allows them to develop a deep analytical understanding of the subject matter. Our foreign trained faculties have many years of teaching the subject matter, and are well regarded for inspiring our students to maximize their potential.

Our small class sizes allow individualized attention and give teachers the ability to reach out to students who may need extra attention. Our teaching style incorporates traditional teaching with an extensive technology platform to provide the students with an interactive learning experience.

Student Experience


At Bay View College, students are immersed in a world-class student experience programme which extends outside the classroom. BVC offers a great range of co- curricular societies including adventure, community service, music, science, public speaking, theatre and drama, Entrepreneurship and sports. Our campus provides air-conditioned study areas for students to complete assignments, read, or study. Our recreation area is equipped with a games room and a restaurant offering gourmet meals throughout the day. Sporting activities form the spirit of an educational institution. Bay View College boasts exceptional sporting facilities. Our teams participate in athletics, cricket, football, rowing, basketball, swimming, throwball and table tennis. Students are supported by an experienced team of full and part time coaches. Our sporting facilities are available both on campus in our spacious sports ground and off campus through exclusively negotiated contracts with various sporting venues around the city.

Student Achievement


Students at Bay View College are assigned counsellors to work with them through the two year programme to guide them and provide support while they are negotiating some of the most important decisions in their lives. The success of our counseling programme is the success of our track record of ‘Top in the World’ results and excellent university admissions, both at home and abroad. The academic year is structured around events and activities in which students actively participate the events are student-led, allowing students to take initiatives in leadership, team-building, organization and planning.  These are the key skills that all students will need for success in their future careers.

Making you succeed


The school arranges extra support lessons in most subjects for students facing difficulties. Teachers are available after class to help students through any problem or difficulty and continue teaching until the day of the Cambridge Exams, to polish students' skills and give them the required confidence to perform at their best. Teaching Assistants supplement our regular classroom teaching. They give important support in most subjects on a one-to-one basis with students to help them overcome any weaknesses or gaps in learning. This is a successful learning tool for reinforcement of concepts. Bay View provides a comprehensive counselling service through which students are provided advice and counselling on personal, academic and school-life related matters. 

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