Bay View Talks

In 2011 Bay View College introduced an exciting new addition to students' learning experience at BVC: Bay View Talks. The Bay View Talks Programme invites inspiring individuals from the worlds of media, art, industry, science, and business to provide students with unique insights into the world.

These talks aim to highlight and present facts, identify and discuss issues, development goals, scientific and technological breakthroughs, and raise awareness. These talks also provide students a platform to sharpen their intellectual abilities by thinking, questioning, researching and speaking. They provide a platform where we can discuss national and international events that affect us all in order to achieve a greater understanding of the world we live in.

Bay View Talks is interactive: students are encouraged to ask questions, and are given the opportunity to chat to the guest in person. Students are exposed to fresh, creative, diverse and inspirational ways of thinking, acting and problem-solving in today's world.

Mental Health and Welbeing Week


Bayviewletstalk was a great success where students were introduced to topics on mental health. 'Taskeen' an NGO was invited on the first day to introduced the Mental Health & Wellbeing Week by creating awareness and helping to eliminate the stigma. Keep talking Bay View!

In the discussion with Jibran Nasir


A seminar on Islamophobia and inter-sect dialogue was conducted on the 18th of November 2015 with Jibran Nasir. These crucial topics allowed the students to speak their minds, arousing a sort of pride that made them proud of their roots and their morals, and paved way for them to become broad mined, tolerant and capable adults in the near future.



BAYMUN 2015 is an inter-school Model United Nations held at Bay View College from 7th November, 2015 to 9th November, 2015 in which over 250 students from various schools in Karachi participated as “delegates” of their representative countries in UN Committees, namely the UNSC, UNODC, DISEC, UNOOSA, SOCHUM, FNAC and P5+10 Iran Negotiations.